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Best 11 Accountancy classes


Under the expert guidance of Sanjay Sir, who possesses over 22+ years of experience in professional mentoring, Sanjay Commerce Classes provides the finest Classes for Class 11th Accounts.

Learning Modes:

Our Classes are available in the following modes :

  • Face-to-Face Classes (at our Jaipur Campus)
  • Live Classes / Online Classes (All India)
  • Google Drive Lectures (All India & Abroad)
  • Pen Drive Lectures (All India)

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In simple terms, best 11th Accountancy refers to the process of recording financial transactions related to a business. It involves summarising, analysing, and reporting these transactions to oversight agencies, regulators, and tax collection entities.

Best 11 Accountancy classes

Accountancy is widely considered as one of the most captivating subjects for Class 11th Commerce students. Not only is it an engaging subject, but it also offers a great opportunity to boost students’ overall percentage in exams. Regular practice and revision are essential to excel in Accounts. Sanjay Commerce Classes, located in Jaipur, is highly recommended as the top Accounts Institute and one of the best Commerce Coaching centres in Jaipur. With faculty members boasting 12+ years of experience, Sanjay Commerce Classes ensure that learning becomes enjoyable and Accounts becomes a favorite subject among students.

A significant number of Sanjay Commerce Classes  students have achieved perfect 100% Marks in Accounts, showcasing the institute’s commitment to helping students aim for a flawless score in the subject. The teaching methodology at Sanjay Commerce Classes  focuses on laying a strong foundation by starting with the basics of each topic. Subsequently, an extensive range of questions is solved, enabling students to gain a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

At  Sanjay Commerce Classes , we put forth our best efforts to support students in their journey towards a 100% score in the Accounts Exam. We strive to make learning easy and ensure that every student effectively comprehends each topic. With our dedication and comprehensive approach, we aim to help students excel in Accounts and achieve remarkable results.

Why choose Sanjay Commerce Classes for Class 11 Accounts?

  • In-Depth Conceptual Teaching
  • Topic by Topic Coverage of entire Syllabus
  • Notes are provided which helps and boosts up the Revision process
  • Mock Tests are held periodically for assessing the performance of students
  • Students are provided with a question bank of 700+ Unsolved Questions which are solved and discussed thoroughly during the Lectures
  • Video Backup is also available for each Lecture
  • Special Doubt Solving Sessions

Having said this, we would also ensure that, Class 11th Accountancy Classes at Sanjay Commerce Classes  covers all NCERT topics as per the updated CBSE Class 11 Accounts

The Best 11 Accountancy Classes From Sanjay Commerce Classes

Sanjay Commerce Classes has earned a reputation for its exceptional accountancy education, empowering students to excel in the dynamic world of finance and commerce. In this article, we will explore the best 11 accountancy classes offered by Sanjay Commerce Classes. Sanjay Commerce Classes is widely recognized for providing some of the best accountancy classes available in the industry. With their commitment to excellence and a stellar track record of producing successful accountants, Sanjay Commerce Classes has become a preferred choice for students aspiring to master the intricacies of accountancy. Their experienced faculty members, comprehensive curriculum, and personalised attention set them apart from the rest. Students enrolling in these classes can expect to receive top-notch education, practical knowledge, and the necessary skills to excel in the field of accountancyitor


Sanjay Commerce Classes welcomes students from diverse backgrounds who possess a keen interest in pursuing accountancy. While there are no specific educational prerequisites, the classes are open to students who have completed their 10th or 12th grade, as well as those currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree.

Admission Process

To enrol in the accountancy classes at Sanjay Commerce Classes, interested candidates can visit the institute’s website or physical location. The admission process generally involves filling out an application form, submitting necessary documents such as academic certificates, and paying the applicable fees.

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